Elementary School

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Middle/High School

Velocity for Eighth Grade Honors

Velocity for Eighth Graders

Velocity is for students who want to repeat eighth grade for a more in depth preparation before they enter high school. The year will seek to build leadership skills, provide academic reinforcement and deepen understanding of 8th grade standards, and develop skills in reading, writing, public speaking, collaborative learning, and many others. In addition, students will be encouraged to pursue a passion, and the opportunity to grow spiritually and personally. Based on the VCS campus, course offerings include:

  • Leadership- Bible Elective
  • Algebra or Geometry
  • Integrated 8th Grade English and Social Studies- an inter-disciplinary in depth look at historical movements and

corresponding literature. Emphasis on reading, writing, public speaking, and project based learning.

  • Velocity 8th grade Science- outdoor education activities, physics and modern warfare, labs and trips.
  • Velocity PE focused on speed, strength, and nutrition
  • Fine Arts Academy offerings
  • Individualized college prep counseling

The Director of Velocity

The Director will have the opportunity to help craft the program and direct it. The Director will be an administrator, teacher, coach, leader, and counselor to a small cohort based model of students. The Director will prepare these students to thrive in high school and in life. The Director most successfully accomplishes the functions of the position by wisely including many other people to assist in this mission.

Major Duties


  • Create the goals, desired outcomes, and major experiences of the program.
  • Administer the program including scheduling, discipline, hiring part time staff and outside vendors.
  • Work with the Head of School, Principal, Athletic Director and Director of Fine Arts to bring resources to the program.
  • Coordinate mentors and coaches to work with students on their passions
  • Help parents understand their student’s individualized learning program


  • English/History integrated curriculum, Bible curriculum, some science curriculum
  • Use the latest research to develop a comprehensive leadership curriculum for students. Incorporate curriculum such as Habitudes and YELL. Teach the leadership program.
  • Develop and teach a project based learning curriculum
  • Organize Outdoor learning education and activities for students


  • Actively seeks opportunities to assist students grow spiritually through counseling, praying, talking, preaching, teaching and generally expressing genuine interest in the life of each student.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  1. A Bachelors Degree from an accredited institution with a Master’s Degree preferred.
  2. Teaching experience
  3. Coaching, and/or youth ministry experience preferred.
  4. Must demonstrate a passion for developing the spiritual lives of young people through the daily application God’s grace.
  5. Athletic experience as a player or coach preferred.
  6. Arts experience as a practitioner or teacher preferred.
  7. Such alternatives to the above as approved by the Head of School and the Board of Directors.