Applications for the 2017-2018 School Year Will be available soon!

Beacon is a fee-based program offered in 3rd through 12th grades for students who have been identified through the enrollment process or professional testing as needing academic support. Under the direction of a case manager, Beacon students will receive the following benefits:

  • Student Monitoring and Goal Setting
  • Study Skills and Homework Support
  • Teacher Collaboration/ Classroom Strategies
  • Parent Communication
  • Individual or Small Group Coaching as needed
  • Teacher/Student/Parent Conferences as needed
  • ACT/SAT Application support
  • Standardized Testing Accommodations per IEP
  • Coordinate services available through LAUSD

A separate application process, counselor recommendation, and/or professional testing is required for acceptance into the program.

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  • $500 quarterly
  • $1,000 per semester
  • $2,000 annually

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Criteria In

Application process, counselor recommendation, and/or professional testing

Criteria Out

To Be Determined by Case Manager