How to Access School Email from Home

You can access your email at home in two ways. The first is the most simple and can be done from any Internet connection. The second is for advanced users and allows you to access your mail from Outlook or other e-mail programs on your home computer.

Via Internet (the easy way) "Webmail"

-At the Village website. (, click on Staff Resources in the lower right hand corner.
-Click "Webmail".
-Type your network username and password and click OK.
-Your school e-mail will be opened in a "Gmail" interface.

Via Pop Mail Accounts using Outlook or other E-mail Programs

This requires that you have a home Internet account and e-mail program capable of accessing POP3 e-mail.

There are a number of common mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Netscape Communicator, and Eudora. It is too labor intensive to try to give directions here for each of these. However, if you use the following link ( you will find step by step instructions to set up those programs for another company's (NetZero) POP3 e-mail. The steps are essentially the same for us. IMPORTANT: You would substitute "VCS" for most instances of "NetZero", you would substitute "" for "", and where they tell you to leave the checkmark off of "Leave a copy of messages on server" you SHOULD leave the checkmark ON. (But don't checkmark "Remove from server after..". Keep an eye out for other items that you would insert your personal info rather than the info relating to NetZero. Note: on the line where you put "SMTP" info, don't use Village Christian info. Use info from your own Internet provider. e.g.,,, etc.

Examples: (How mine would be setup.)

Mail Server Addresses

Outgoing mail(SMTP) Server:
Incoming mail(POP3) Server:
E-mail address:
Username: chuckg
Password: school password