Dealing With Spam

What is Spam?

Spam is generally unsolicited e-mail. It is often commercial, but it can include messages from individuals. We would consider sending unsolicited messages to even a few people to be spam. What you might think is important for everyone to know might not be so to someone else.

School related messages to distribution groups is not considered spam.

What do we do about Spam?

We have a filtering device on our network that blocks spam. In the first two years of its use, it blocked over 2 million messages. That averages out to about 17 messages each day for every user.

Training the Spam Filter

Daily, certain questionable messages are sent to your Junk Mail folder. You should glance at it occasionally to make sure valid e-mail isn't getting tagged as spam. If everything in the Junk Mail folder is really junk, right click on the folder name and select Empty Folder.

Do not send copies of your spam messages to me.