Required Immunization Forms

Forms for Admission to school required by the Health Office
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Your child’s immunization form need to be complete and in his or her admission file BEFORE school starts. We comply with the State of California and Los Angeles County immunization requirements.

For entrance into Kindergarten, a CHDP (California Health & Disability Prevention) form must be filled out and signed by your pediatrician. This will be done at your child's 5-year check-up. We can fax a copy of the CHDP (Report of Health Examination for School Entry) form to you, or to their pediatrician. It is required by the state, but you may sign a waiver.

For all students: If you have begun the series of immunizations needed, but have not yet completed them, your child will be admitted to school. You then need to bring in the copy of yellow card or doctor’s form after the doses are administered so that we may update their immunization blue card (CSIR—California State Immunization Record). This is a permanent part of their school file. If your child gets further immunizations, please bring in a copy to the Health Office. We will enter the required information and give the yellow card back to you. Each time you visit your doctor, make a copy of their latest immunization form and put it in their file in a safe place, preferably a safe. You will need this when your child starts seventh grade and again for college admission.

~If you cannot get an appt. with your private MD, you may call the LA County Immunization program which is open every day, and can give them their required vaccines at no cost. The closest clinic is in Glendale. The phone number is (818) 500-5672. Call for the varied times they are open.

Should you choose to not have your child immunized per CA SB277, you must see your health provider to sign a waiver.