Seventh Grade Tour at the Museum of Tolerance - Date TBA

During the 7th grade it is critical students learn the importance of healing friendships through forgiveness and understanding. During their 6th grade year, we have paid special attention to helping students build healthy relationships, learning how to give of themselves to others outside of their immediate family. It is a reality that over the course of a year some friendships will be bruised and even broken. Part of growing up includes learning how to repair relationships. This is the focus of this unique 'mini' retreat for our 7th grade class. The Museum of Tolerance provides a powerful context for students to witness and understand the tragic consequences when selfishness, ignorance, and hatred infect the way we view and treat one another.

The 7th-grade class will be joining their teachers for a 'mini' retreat to The Museum of Tolerance on Date TBA. It is expected that all students, with parent permission, will be attending the day away. Each student should plan on bringing their own sack lunch. VCS uniform standards inform what students should wear. The tour will happen during the normal school day, beginning at 8:00 am, and will conclude at VCS by 2:30 pm. We will travel as a group to the museum by VCS school bus. Our teachers will be spending time in class, prior to the trip, helping students do the necessary preparation to benefit fully from their experience at the museum. If you wish, you may learn more about the Museum of Tolerance.

Every student will need a parent to fill out, sign, and turn in a parent permission slip, in order to participate on the trip. All forms need to be turned into the Middle School office as soon as possible, but no later than Date TBA.