Digital Tablets Minimum Requirements

In line with our commitment to be Affordable and Accessible, we are not mandating what type of device you may purchase. Our curriculum will run on multiple platforms and gives you lots of choices. Also, with the tablet industry changing so rapidly, we also encourage you to consider these devices as consumable items that will be outdated in as few as two to three years. Like all consumer technology, they will most likely become cheaper with time, so plan accordingly.

Any new tablet purchases must adhere to the following specifications:

-Tablets that run on iOS, Android, and Windows RT operating systems. This includes tablets such as Apple iPads, Samsung Galaxy, and Microsoft Surface. The tablet should be installed with the latest operating system that is available for the type of device at the time of its purchase.*

-Tablets must be able to access either the Apple Apps Store or the Android Market (Google Play Store). (For example, the Kindle and Nook do not access these stores.)

-Operating systems (OS) that are modified in any way (i.e. "rooted" or "MODS" for Android, or "jailbreaks" for iOS) will not be supported by VCS teachers or technology staff.

-Display size 7" or greater.

-At least one built-in camera.

-Minimum 16 GB storage; 32 GB or greater recommended if device is to be used also for personal applications, music, and videos.

-WiFi 802.11 b/g/n

-At least 6 hours of battery life.

-External keyboard and storage case recommended.

*If an operating system becomes older than what is listed in the table below, then VCS cannot support that OS as being able to operate the educational apps that will be used while at school.

iOS (iPad)

Android (Galaxy, etc.)

MS Surface RT

Oldest Version Supported

7.04 or greater

4.03 or greater (Ice Cream Sandwich)

Windows 8.0 or greater

Recommended Version

8.3 or greater

4.4 or greater (KitKat)

Windows 8.1 or greater