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Fine Arts Academy


Entering the Program

To join the Fine Arts Academy, one must complete a registration form and pay an annual registration fee of $28. For private students, the instructor or academy director will then contact the student in order to arrange a lesson time that will be most suitable to both teacher and student. For group classes, the director will inform the student if and when they are able to join the class.

All group classes have a minimum enrollment policy. If a class has not yet met the requirement, the class will not be offered and the prepaid tuition will be refunded. The registration agreement will be considered null and void.

Payment Information

For private, half-hour lessons, the cost is $32.  For students enrolled at VCS, the charges will be on the responsible party's Smart Tuition bill, which is billed monthly via e-mail or traditional mail. For students who are not enrolled at VCS, the responsible party will be billed monthly from the school, and the checks should be written out to Village Christian Schools, not the instructor.

For the group classes, the cost varies on the length of session and how many times the class meets per week. See our list of clases for details. Group classes are paid for in advance.

The full amount of the bill will be due by the first of each month. Payments not received by the 15th of each month will be assessed a $20 late fee per student.

Cancellations and Rescheduling

Notice of cancellation must be given within 24 hours of the scheduled lesson time. If the cancellation is not within 24 hours, the student will be responsible to pay for the missed lesson. Aside from general courtesy, this policy is intended to give the academy instructors enough time to fill that half-hour with another student or to use that time more productively for themselves. The group classes are an exception; there will not be a refund of credit given for absences regardless of notice. 

Cancelled lessons may be rescheduled if another space is available and the teacher is willing to do so. Applicable charges will be applied for rescheduled sessions. Group sessions cannot be rescheduled. However, on occasion, make-up classes are offered.

If the teacher or the school is forced to cancel sessions for any reason, the student will not be billed. Substitute instructors may be utilized to prevent cancellations.

If the student is late for his/her lesson, the teacher is responsible to wait 10 minutes before the student is considered absent. If the student arrives after that time and the teacher is still available, he or she will not be responsible to extend the lesson to make up for the lost time.

Withdrawals and Refunds

This agreement will terminate either at the end of the current school year or upon the desire of either the student or the academy.

To withdraw from the academy, a written notice (by e-mail or letter) must be submitted to the academy director. The accounts of withdrawing students will be pro-rated to the latter of either the date that the notice was received or the last date of attendance.

For specific program information, go to the Fine Arts Academy link on the Village website. If you have any further questions, call Natalie Taylor at (818) 767-8382, ext 541or e-mail at



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