Welcome to Our Fine Arts Department

fine arts

Welcome to the Fine Arts Department at Village Christian School!

Here at Village, we challenge our students to understand what they believe, and to develop a deep, authentic relationship with God. We want our students to leave our school and make a genuine impact on the world. But how will their message be communicated? And who will listen?

The Fine Arts Department exists to help develop the preachers of the future. Our exceptional teachers and directors have created strategic programs to equip our students with a voice that people want to listen to. That voice requires a combination of excellence and innovation that can rise above the other voices: musicians that inspire, writers that engage, directors that tell important stories, and artists that use color and clay to speak without words.

Our vision for the fine arts at Village Christian is to graduate students who will use their God-given abilities in creative platforms and communicate the love and beauty of the Master Artist in a world devoid of grace and beauty. Whether it be on a canvas, in clay, on stage, through an instrument, we aim to equip our students with the tools they need to be effective communicators through the medium of art.

Mrs. Natalie Taylor
Director of Fine Arts