La Tuna Canyon Fire Update - VCS Closed Saturday, September 2

Posted By VCS || 2-Sep-2017

UPDATE: 1:00 p.m.

We are in communication with emergency personnel. Flames are advancing from the east, but LAFD remains confident the school is safe, and emergency crews are focused on structural support.


As crews continue battling the La Tuna Canyon fire, please note the campus will be closed today (Saturday, September 2).

The hills directly behind Village Christian are not in immediate danger, while flames are visible on the north side of La Tuna Canyon Road and in the hills east of the school.

A fire truck is currently stationed on Wildwood by the back exit gate for "structural protection," VCS officials were told this morning.

"The campus will be closed today due to heavy ash in the air and to allow fire workers unimpeded access on our local streets," said Head of School Tom Konjoyan. "Thank God our campus and community are safe from the fire at this point."

Please continue to cover the surrounding communities, emergency crews, and those evacuated along La Tuna Canyon and into Burbank in your prayers today.

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