Air Quality and Pollen Count Readings

Air Quality

Every school day, the health office receives a notice from the South Coast Air Quality Management District (the AQMD) telling us the predicted air quality for that day.If the air quality is “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups”, those students with sensitive or susceptible conditions (those with lung or heart problems) will be excused from PE and outdoor activities.If they notify us that the air quality is “Unhealthy for All Groups”, everyone will discontinue prolonged, vigorous outdoor activity.We have not had (in our zone, East San Fernando Valley) a Very Unhealthy air quality report this past year.This site also recommends restrictions when there is smoke or particulate matter affecting our air quality. AQMD Web Site:

Pollen Reactions

People with respiratory allergies often experience intense symptoms even after pollen conditions decrease to relatively low levels. This occurs because the immune response persists for several days after the body is challenged with pollen.The health office checks the pollen level everyday. If the count is elevated, I notify the schools, child care, and the PE teachers about possible problems for those affected by high pollen counts (students with respiratory problems such as asthma, reactive airway, and seasonal allergies) so that activities can be modified, e.g. curtailing prolonged running, having PE inside, etc.You may go to and enter 91352, the zip code of VCS.