How to Write a P.E. Excuse

When your child needs to sit out of PE, please write an excuse addressed to the nurse. The PE excuses are kept in their charts. Please do not email or call the Health Office unless you forget. We do need a written copy of the excuse.

The student should come to the H.O. before school starts. We write the PE Note in the Health Office, and send a copy to the teacher (if in elementary)

and to the PE teacher. You may excuse your child for up to three days. If your child is too ill or injured and must stay out for longer than 3 days, we need a physician’s written note. We also email the teachers and childcare to let them know that the student cannot play at recess. If the student is on crutches, or using a brace, or splint, has sutures or has an extremity wrapped, we cannot let them play or do PE.

Thank you for understanding our rules.