Checking Out Through the Health Office

Health Office
818-767-8382, ext. 212

Students are sent home through the Health Office due to illness or injury. Students that leave school due to appointments or other reasons are checked out through their school office.

- When a student becomes ill or is injured at school the family is contacted by phone.

- Contacts are made according to priority as designated by family. When unable to reach the #1 designee, the #2 contact is attempted.

- Students are released only to individuals designated by the parents and listed on the Schoolmaster program. If a parent is unable to come to take a child home they may give verbal authorization by phone to Health Office staff for

another individual to come.

- Parents or their alternate must come to the Health Office and sign their name in the Health Office log book before a student is released.

- High School students that have driven to school and need to go home early due to illness are released to drive themselves home only when the parent has been reached by phone and verbal permission is given for them to do so. We notify High School Office and send them with a copy of the form to show any police officer that they are legally allowed out of school.

- Pink copies of the Teacher Referral to the School Nurse form are forwarded to the appropriate school office to inform them that a student has been sent home.