Tips for New Parents

  • We need your child’s immunization records to be complete and in their file. We comply with CA and L.A. County immunization requirements. Your child is not legally enrolled without all documentation in their chart. There is no grace period. They will be kept out of class, per state health regulations.
  • Kindy students: A CHDP form (the physical they get before they start school) is required by the state, but you may submit any signed doctor’s form, OR sign a waiver—no penalty. Please see me, or call. A waiver is available online. The state does an audit every September of K and new-to-school first-graders. This program was started for children who have had no well-child doctor visits.
    • If you cannot get an appointment with your private MD, I have the number of the LA County Immunization program that will administer the required vaccines at no cost. The closest is in Glendale on Glendale Ave. The # is 818 500-5672. They are open MFriday, and all immunizations are free, and available to everyone.
  • A booster shot of the whooping cough vaccine (pertussis) is required for 7th graders. If you do not want your child to have the TDaP vaccine you must sign a waiver signed by your MD also, which is available online. If they are not immunized they will be excluded from school and sports until the outbreak is over. Proof of vaccination must be in my office now.
  • They may have to come to school, as we do, when they are not at their best, but please don’t send them to school when they are ill. Our advice: Do not tell your child that if he/she feels ill/worse/sick to go to the nurse. That guarantees they will. If you have to send them to school and are wondering if they will get worse then email the teacher. S/he will keep an eye on your child and evaluate their behavior (and how ill they seem) and send them to the nurse if they seem listless, feverish or complaining. Or say, “well, you can go to bed extra early tonight with no TV”—that way, we’ll see how they are during the day (after you email the teacher) and if they aren’t sick, they’ll get some extra sleep!
  • For a temperature greater than 100.4, they must stay home until the fever is gone for 24 hours without Tylenol or Advil. In mornings, the fever may go down, but it tends to rise by late afternoon. If they have thrown up during the night they are not ready to come to school. This also protects other students and their teacher.
    • Any medication that needs to be taken at school must be brought in by a parent to the Health Office, not in an unlabeled Ziploc bag with the student. We follow California regulations, and must have a Med Request form filled in by parent and MD. It seems like a lot of work, especially for OTC meds, but it’s for everyone’s safety.
    • If they need to keep meds at school, such as Advil for migraines or an asthma inhaler, we have a locked drawer for them. We document the dose(s) on our Health Office computer.
  • Please inform the registrar at ext. 253 of any new contact #s and email addresses -- they will be updated throughout our computers.
  • Let us know of any changes in health, new allergies, if they have surgery, and if they develop a food or bee sting allergy. We will fill out an Emergency Health Care Plan so teachers, child care workers, and bus drivers are informed.
  • If your child has a contagious disease (such as mononucleosis, strep throat) or lice, please inform the H.O. We will inform the parents that the students were exposed while keeping your child’s name anonymous.
  • Growing children need fiber, fruits, fat and protein. A healthy breakfast with low sugar, healthy cereal and protein-rich food that will sustain them until nutrition or recess will go a long way to helping them feel able to get through their active day. A waffle with only syrup and a glass OJ is not a good breakfast. Nor is a donut  Eggs, bacon, cheese, Greek yogurt, protein shake, Instant Breakfast or protein bars keep their blood sugar level. For nutrition, no candy or goldfish--string cheese, fresh fruit, peanut butter, nuts, trail mix, hummus, deli roll-ups, whole grain crackers.
  • Apply sunblock to your child every day, at least to their face, neck and forearms.

All these and many more policies are in your student handbook. Go to the VCS website, click on Current Families and scroll to Health Office to see some important H.O. information.

Set a good example for your children by taking care of yourself and staying healthy!

Kris Coleman, RN
VCS School Nurse
818.767.8382 ext 240 fax 818.768.2006