When to Send Your Child to School

Every day! The best way for a child to learn is to be in class.

Don’t send them:

  • If they have thrown up during the night.
  • If they have had a fever over 100.4 degrees within 24 hours.
  • If they have a deep, persistent cough that would disrupt their class and their learning.
  • They haven’t slept well, or were restless all night.

Sometimes we all have to be at work or school when we are not at our best, but if they eat breakfast and you think they can make it, encourage them to get through the day. Do not tell your child that if he/she feels ill/worse/sick to come to the nurse. That guarantees they will. If you have to send them to school and are wondering if they will get worse, or make it through the day, then email the teacher in the morning . She/he will keep an eye on your child and evaluate their behavior (and how ill they seem) and send them to the H.O. for a temperature check and evaluation.