Private Christian School in San Fernando Valley

Village Christian School Welcomes You!

Accepting students from San Fernando Valley, the Village Christian School thrives on a Scripture-centered education! We are a group of spirited and loving teachers, counselors, and other faculty members who care about our student's future and success. We are dedicated to studying all areas of academics, athletics, Scripture, and fine arts. Most importantly of all, we believe that a young person's growth should feature a strong relationship with God and a commitment to studying the Bible, both of which we put a strong emphasis on at our private school. We are proud of our mission and we hope that your child will be able to experience the unique opportunities VCS offers.

What Sets Us Apart

We strive for excellence in all of our programs. Our students win awards in every field of study with our Fine Arts Program, standing out as some of the most talented young people in Southern California. In addition to this, we have modeled our high school system off of Harvard University. Here, our student get to select a concentration area of study and pursue it all throughout their education. Not only does this create a strong passion and skill for something your child loves, but it creates a solid foundation for the future career.

We offer the following types of concentrations:

  • Entrepreneurialism & Global Leadership
  • Health & Environment
  • Ministry & Social Justice
  • Performing Fine Arts & Media Entertainment
  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
  • Visual Fine Arts & Media Entertainment