Private Christian School in Santa Clarita

Teaching Students to Excel at VCS

At the Village Christian School, we have a mission. We seek to achieve excellence in all areas, from academics and athletics to spiritual growth. Our school levels range from kindergarten all the way up to high school. All through that time we nurture a familial bond between all the students at our private school in the Santa Clarita are. Our Fine Arts department has won numerous awards and produced some of the most talented young people we have ever encountered. Our athletics are varied and inclusive, centering on a healthy physical education and a healthy sense of competition and team work.

What your child gets at our private school:

  • A strong sense of community and support
  • Academic programs that foster excellence and achievement
  • Faculty that care and want to see your children succeed
  • Access to join numerous athletic teams and extra-curricular events
  • An award-winning fine arts program
  • An education that is focused on building a relationship with God

Most importantly, our school has rooted all of our programs and courses on the central truth of Christ and Scripture. With a Bible-centered education, your child will receive the foundation to make their faith their own and pursue a future that is centered on living out this faith.