Department of Spiritual Formation and Biblical Studies

The Biblical Studies Department at Village Christian School designs curriculum and experiences to invite our students to consider, respond to, and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We do so with sensitivity in light of our religiously diverse student population, but also with prayerful intention and confidence in the truth and relevance of the Word of God in both the Old and New Testaments. We want every student to be able to understand and be conversant with the overarching themes and story of God in the Bible. We believe that as students grapple with truth in Scripture, hammer out their personal beliefs, discover the building blocks to a Christian worldview, and wrestle with key societal issues, their character is shaped and spiritual formation can continue to happen.

Some students are new to the Christian faith and are curious; others have been raised in a Christian family, while others may come to class with no real spiritual interest. Our Biblical Studies faculty are sensitive, meeting each student at their unique point on their spiritual journey, while keeping clear academic expectations for each course. Each faculty member intentionally pursues positive relationships of care with students and are available for dialogue, questions, and prayer. We also acknowledge that our mission at Village is not complete without the partnership of area churches inviting and connecting with students and their families.

Mr. George Ratchford, Spiritual Life Director, Biblical Studies Department Chair

Middle School Biblical Studies Faculty:
Mrs. Lauren Ring – 6th Grade – Kingdom Relationships
Ms. Brieana DuRousseau – 7th Grade – The Patriarchs to Jesus
Mrs. Sally Mills – 8th Grade – Johannine Gospel
Ms. Rachel Good – 8th Grade – CREW (Christian Leadership)

High School Biblical Studies Faculty:
Mr. Bill Schobrich – 9th Grade – Identity & Kingdom of God
Mr. Don Frost – 10th Grade – Biblical Studies: Luke/Acts
Mrs. Sallie Finkel –11th Grade – Worldviews & Biblical Exegesis​
Mr. Matt Hoenshell – 12th Grade – Biblical Studies:Tricky Faith
Mrs. Lauren Ring – 11th & 12th Grade – Servant Leadership (Christian Leadership)