Elementary School Chapel

Overview: The purpose and focus of elementary chapel is to help introduce students to Christ and to foster and nurture the spiritual growth of students who already have a relationship with Jesus. Chapel allows our students to receive a firsthand experience in how to worship and celebrate the benefits of knowing Jesus.

Schedule – Chapels are held weekly by grade level.
Contact: Mr. George Ratchford, Spiritual Life Director

Middle and High School Chapel

The daily schedule of our students is fast-paced and full of learning, questions, and challenges. Our weekly chapel is an intentional pause in the week to stop, listen, reflect, and respond to the big questions of life. Every chapel seeks to keep a fresh focus on the person of Jesus while presenting the truth of Scripture in meaningful and relevant ways. Teaching, music, film, fine arts, and dialogue are some of the ways students engage during Chapel.

Schedule – Chapels are held three times a month on Wednesday, mostly in the Kendall Pavilion
Middle School – 9:50-10:35 am | High School – 11:15-12 noon

Mr. George Ratchford, Spiritual Life Director