VCServes 2018 – February 26-28
Jesus called us to "love our neighbor as ourself". In response to this Great Commandment, VCS engages the entire student body in our annual week of service called VCServes. This February, Elementary School will be serving on-campus by making bags for orphans (except for 5th grade who goes off-campus) while the rest of the school goes out into the greater Los Angeles area to serve at homeless shelters, animal shelters, food centers and other community organizations. VCServes is an immersive learning experience that takes students out of the classroom, places them in over 35 different project teams and sends them into metro Los Angeles, the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys.

In preparation for VCServes, students learn the biblical meaning of compassion and justice through interactive curriculum in their biblical studies courses. The day of service allows them to catch a glimpse of what it means to live it out through hands-on participation. Additional student preparation is accomplished through chapel speakers, grade-level discussion and project based small group dialogue.

Elementary, Middle & High School students participating in VCServes must fill out his/her grade level and project specific forms and parent permission slips. Some VCServes partner locations require their own permission waiver for participation. To find out if your location requires a permission form, in addition to the mandatory VCS parent permission form, and/or to receive a copy of these forms.

Please email Shelly Keller,

All forms may be submitted in the MS Office at any point. The deadline for submission is Wednesday, February 14.

For General VCServes Questions: email our Spiritual Life Director, George Ratchford

Parents: if you would like to serve as part of the VCServes 2018 implementation team,