Minimum Specifications for Tablets for All 6th - 12th Grade Students

· We strongly recommend that students use Apple iPads. However, tablets that run iOS, Android, or Windows operating system such as Samsung Galaxy and Microsoft Surface are allowed, although there may be times when they are not complementary to the applications used in the classroom.

· The tablet should have the latest operating system available for it at the time of its purchase.

· Tablets (other than Microsoft Surface) must be able to access either the Apple Apps Store or the Android Market (Google Play Store).

· Display size 7” or greater.

· At least one built-in camera.

· WiFi 802.11 b/g/n

· At least 6 hours of battery life.

· Minimum 16GB storage; however, 32GB or greater is recommended.

· External keyboard and storage case recommended.

· Operating systems (OS) that are modified in any way such as “rooted,” “MODS” for Android, or “jailbreaks” for iOS will not be supported by VCS teachers or technology staff.

iOS (iPad)

Android (Galaxy, etc.)

MS Surface

Recommended Version

9.3.5 or greater

6.0 or greater (Marshmallow)

Windows 10 or greater

We encourage students to keep operating systems current. VCS teachers and technology staff may not be able to assist with devices having outdated operating systems.