Field of Dreams

For decades Village Christian has dreamed of remodeling and improving our venerable lower field. Tens of thousands of students have played at recess, run around at PE, and practiced football, soccer, and baseball on a field that is too small, too bumpy, and unsafe since it is typically devoid of grass for most of the year. Now with the progress in safety of synthetic turf, some inspired engineering, and a Heavenly opportunity to get a new, expanded field for half the normal cost, VCS can finally deliver the field we have all been dreaming about.

Helping Students Thrive
Our new field will allow us to host soccer playoff games, middle school football games, lacrosse matches, as well as provide a safe and expanded venue for football and baseball practices, PE and recess. Included in the plan is the creation of a new, safer playground area for our youngest students. Moreover, the benefit of reduced operating costs of maintaining the field will mean more funds for academic programs.

Hellas Corporation has offered to put in a state-of-the-art field (with the same turf installed at the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium), expanded to accommodate a full 120 yard by 60 yard playing surface big enough to use for football, soccer, lacrosse, and baseball practice for half the normal price. Village will do what Village does best and provide some of the labor to make this possible. Now, we need the Village family to come together to help fund this incredible opportunity to make sure current and future students have a safe, adequate sized, great new field.

Cost Savings and Water-Wise
With the cost of water rising and the use of the field in more demand than ever, the new synthetic turf will allow the school to reduce our operating costs significantly. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is so convinced of the benefits of synthetic turf, they will provide a lead grant to help us change our water dependent grass to water free turf. We will also save thousands each year by not growing, maintaining and lining a grass field.

To take advantage of the incredible deal offered by Hellas (most turf fields of this size are over $1 million), we need to act now. Field installation will start April 2013 and be completed by June 2013.

$600,000 Complete Project:
$300,000 for construction and expansion of the field
$285,000 for the installation of the turf
$15,000 for the playground remodel

Donors can give over two years to help us raise as much possible. Donations can be made by cash, stock, credit card, real estate, and other assets. VCS is a non-profit, tax exempt organization with a tax identification number of 95-1971148. All gifts are tax-deductible. You maygive online here by following the Please Designate a Fund Menu and selecting "Field of Dreams."


VCS is honored to recognize the sacrificial gifts of our supporters. The following recognition honors are offered (donors can also choose to remain anonymous).

Donations of $500,000+
Naming rights and all of the below

Donations of $100,000+
Choice to receive recognition on the field goal posts, or the playground
Donors will receive recognition in the testimonial plaque located at the field

Donations of $25,000+
Recognition on the testimonial plaque located at the field

Donation of $5000+
Recognition on the testimonial plaque located at the field

For more information or to make a gift, please contact:

Tom Konjoyan, Head of School
818-767-8382 ext. 201

Tracy Nightingale, Vice President
818-767-8382 ext. 204