Frequently Asked Questions

Concentrations sounds like a college major. Isn’t ninth grade in high school too early to pick a major?

There is some research that suggests that age 15 is the perfect time to begin the discussion about careers. That being said, it is probably too early to commit to your life’s work, which is why we make it fairly simple to switch concentrations. Any careers that we can help a student rule out are victories. In addition, the majority of course work is general education. There are only four courses that make up a student’s concentration course and many courses count for multiple concentrations.

Is Concentrations a separate school within Village Christian?

No. Students take the normal high school class requirements with the general student body, and are only with their fellow Concentration students during seminar.

Can a student change his or her Concentration if something changes after ninth grade?

Yes. We hope that their experiences with courses and Practicum help students rule in and rule out potential majors and careers. We make it fairly simple to change concentrations during most of the school year.

Students take "regular" classes, too, right?

Yes. Except for the potential online elective courses, all students are taking most of the same sorts of college prep classes. The only concentration class is a weekly seminar class.

What does Concentrations have to do with providing a high school education in a Christian environment?

Concentrations is part of a focus on developing the “whole person.” We tend to talk about “calling” more than “career.” We want students to use their gifts, talents, and careers to make a positive impact on the world around them, something we think all Christians are called to do.

Is there an additional application I have to fill out?

No. The selection process for students requires the student to complete several reflective class assignments, but there is no additional application.

Is there an additional fee?

Concentrations are the framework of the high school program, so there is no additional fee beyond tuition. Some practicum experiences will have an additional cost.

How will Concentrations enhance the typical high school academic experience? Are they still getting a full high school education?

Absolutely, students still get a full high school experience. The major difference between our program and the typical high school program is that we provide more career focus, more intentional experiences rather than random experiences that “look good on college applications,” and we encourage constant reflection.

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