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Village Christian is committed to the well-being of our students and will do everything possible to provide your student with a high-quality education during these challenging times.

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December 17, 2020

Essential Documents

Below, you will find our 2020-2021 School Reopening Plan, Thriving Through the Challenge. Prior to releasing the plan, we have been awaiting the School Reopening Guidance from the LA County Department of Public Health, which is the government entity private schools must follow.





Town Hall Replays | Four-Level Model | FAQs

Town Hall Replays

On June 10 and June 11, Village Christian held Virtual Town Hall Meetings for Elementary and Middle/High School, respectively, to discuss our initial plans for a safe return to campus in the fall. Please see below for replays of these Town Hall Meetings.

Opening Remarks

Elementary | June 10, 2020

Middle/High School | June 11, 2020

Four-Level Model for Planning

As discussed in the Virtual Town Hall Meetings, below is an initial breakdown of the Four-Level Model that Village Christian is currently working on in advance of the new school year. Each level includes associated precautions and procedures that will be implemented based on the current level of COVID-19 concern on and off campus as directed by the Health Department. (Click each level header to access initial protocols.)

(PLEASE NOTE: This information is subject to change based on releases of new guidelines/restrictions, updated research, and current events).

+ Level 1 | Normal School Routines and Procedures (Pre-COVID)

  • Normal daily timetable
  • Athletics and Fine Arts on normal routine and schedule
  • Large-venue gatherings permitted
  • Full chapel program
  • Improved spacing in Café
  • Standard gate security
  • Enhanced janitorial cleaning
  • Transportation offerings as normal
  • Portable handwashing stations around campus
  • Trips and retreats as normal
  • Student life activities as normal

+ Level 2 | General Proactive Measures

  • Normal daily timetable for Elementary; rotating block schedule for MS/HS
  • Modifications to promote social distancing where practicable
  • Prior to leaving home and arriving on campus, all faculty, staff and students (or a parent on behalf of the student) required to take their temperature and conduct a health screening using HIPPA-compliant health screening app
  • Large-venue gatherings limited
  • Modified chapel program
  • Athletics and Fine Arts operating with precautions
  • Face masks recommended for all students and may be required to be worn for certain activities
  • Face coverings mandatory for faculty and staff when not socially distant
  • General precautions in Café to prevent crowding and ensure food safety
  • Enhanced maintenance and cleaning
  • Moderate social distancing on buses
  • Increased nursing resources and quarantine room on campus
  • Mandatory health screenings
  • Handwashing

+ Level 3 | Significant Proactive Measures

  • Hybrid learning model with on-campus and online learning
  • Social distancing: limited class size and face coverings required
  • Prior to leaving home and arriving on campus, all faculty, staff and students (or a parent on behalf of the student) required to take their temperature and conduct a health screening using HIPPA-compliant health screening app
  • Mandatory health screening at entry gate for visitors
  • Large-venue gatherings prohibited
  • Modified chapel
  • Athletics and Fine Arts limited
  • Additional handwashing stations on campus and touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers in all classrooms and offices
  • Pre-ordered "grab and go" food options in Café with social distancing
  • Significant and frequent disinfecting and cleaning
  • Limited capacity on buses
  • Parents/designated adults required to stay in car during student pick-up and drop-off
  • Essential and screened visitors only allowed on campus for student pick-up from health office or isolation room
  • Increased nursing resources and quarantine room on campus

+ Level 4 | Extreme Proactive Measures

  • Online learning
  • Athletics and Fine Arts modified to virtual format
  • Campus closed to all except essential personnel
  • Large-venue gatherings prohibited
  • Virtual chapel
  • No food service
  • No transportation services
  • Trips and retreats moved to virtual format where possible
  • School-wide daily devotions and spiritual care


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions we have received in advance of and during our initial Virtual Town Hall Meetings. If you have additional questions, please contact us. (Click each question to access answer.)

+ What guidelines/restrictions are Village Christian utilizing to develop protocols for the new school year?

  • We have received numerous guidelines from different government entities. Private schools must follow the State and County Department of Health Guidelines, and apply them to our unique school operations.

+ Will students be required to wear masks in the fall, and what types of masks are recommended?

  • Masks have been highly recommended to stop the spread of the virus. The school will follow the guidance of the Department of Health. The current guidance for the reopening of schools is to recommend all students wear masks where practicable, and to require that employees wear masks when not socially distant from others. Cloth masks are recommended, and we suggest UV-type gaiters for younger students.

+ Will there be options for Online Learning or an on-campus/online hybrid model?

  • Yes, we are working on online/hybrid options for parents who do not wish to have their students on campus. At the Elementary level, we will hire teachers to deliver online/hybrid learning in cohort models (K-2 and 3-5) if there is enough interest. At the Middle and High School levels, we will partner with an online school vendor and add many of our spiritual life, arts, athletics, and counseling features.

+ How will tuition be impacted?

  • Tuition has not been determined for these online/hybrid courses, but we do not expect them to be offered at a significant discount.

+ Will there be athletes, fine arts events, retreats, and field trips in the coming school year?

  • Yes, but some will have to be modified depending on the restrictions from the Department of Health. We believe these co-curricular programs are essential to the VCS experience and help students thrive.

+ What safety precautions will be implemented before, during, and after classes?

  • Yes, these will include handwashing, cleaning of facilities, health screening, staggering of release times to prevent crowding, social distancing in lines for the Elementary, and many more.

+ What cleaning procedures will be employed on campus to ensure student safety?

  • Procedures include cleaning of classrooms after each period in the Middle and High Schools, during lunch and after school for the Elementary School, in between classes for the speciality classrooms, twice daily cleaning of restrooms, and cleaning of large campus areas after use. All products will be green, biodegradable products and will be safe for students.

+ What screening procedures will be implemented before school?

  • We are partnering with an app-based health screening company specifically designed for schools. This will allow parents to screen their children as well as employees to self-screen before coming to campus in the morning. School offices will monitor the daily screenings and remove students from class who have not screened, as well as employees.

+ What food services will be available in the fall, and how will procedures change for students at nutrition and lunch?

  • Our Cafe vendor, CulinArt, and the school have been working closely together to provide food that is safe and that will be made available utilizing improved safety measures. We have invested in the Cafe to be able to move registers outside to create more space inside the serving area. Buffet food will be replaced with packaged items to protect from the virus. A new mobile cart will also spread out crowds, as will staggered release times.

+ Will child care be available before and after school, and will it be affected based on each level?

  • Yes, child care will be provided with modifications in response to directives from the Department of Health.

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