How to Log In

When you turn on your computer, it will come up to a login screen. Type your username (first name and last initial) and password to lgin It doesn't matter if Caps are on or off when you type your username. However, your password IS case sensitive.

If an installer window pops up after you login, please be patient and let it finish. (DO NOT CANCEL IT.) It is updating the antivirus program. (Command Antivirus)

To logoff without turning off the computer..

  1. Click "Start"
  2. Click "Log Off"
  3. Click "Log Off" again when it asks if you are sure.

To logoff AND turn off the computer..

  1. Click "Start"
  2. Click "Shut Down"
  3. Highlight "Shut down" and click "OK"


  • You can logon to more than one computer if necessary. Be careful, though, because many times when it is found that someone forgot to logoff, it turns out that he had been logged in on multiple stations and forgot to logoff the additional computer. (LOGGING IN AS YOURSELF ON ANOTHER COMPUTER SO SOMEONE ELSE CAN USE IT IS NOT ALLOWED.)
  • To confirm that you are actually on the network, open My Computer and check to see if Drive F: is working. (Double-click on it and see if it opens.)
  • If your computer locks up and you need to manually power it down, press the on/off button and hold for about 9 seconds before releasing it. (This is a feature to keep you from accidentally kicking or bumping the power button.)

You should log off the network if you will be away from your computer or out of your room for an extended period of time and definitely when you leave for the day. DO NOT leave your computer logged in overnight.

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