The Health Office is located in the Administration Building/Central Office.

Health Office hours are Monday - Friday, 7:30 – 4:00. Stop in anytime if you have questions, concerns, or any information you would like us to be aware of, in regards to your student’s health.

You may contact us at (818) 767-8382, ext. 240, or email us at

COVID Protocols
  • Please stay home if you are sick, and test for COVID . This is the most effective way to keep our campus healthy! If the initial test is negative, but symptoms persist, please test again prior to returning to school. If the test is positive, please follow the LA County Isolation protocols: COVID-19 Isolation
  • Please notify the Health Office of all covid positive tests.
  • If anyone has had close contact with a covid positive person, please follow the LA County Quarantine protocols: COVID-19 Quarantine
  • Please provide this link to any close contacts you/your student may have had during the time there were infectious (48 hrs prior to onset of symptoms, or from the positive test if no symptoms).
COVID Testing
  • We have rapid antigen testing available on campus for any student, staff or faculty that needs testing. Home test kits are also available upon request.
  • We use Primary Health for all our testing. Individuals must complete a NEW registration each school year. The process will just take a few minutes. No medical insurance information is required. Registration link: Primary Health Registration

Health office policies are fully addressed in the student handbook, here is a recap:

When a Student Becomes Ill at School

  • Students who do not feel well, regardless of symptoms shall not attend school.
  • Village Christian School has a policy that every family is to have a plan for the prompt pick up, of their student from school in the event of injury or illness. The Health Office cannot provide long-term care for students waiting to go home. Students need to be picked up within 30 minutes from the time contact is made. Alternative plans should be in place in case a parent or guardian is not immediately available.
  • School personnel, including the school nurse are empowered to render first aid and emergency care only. They may not diagnose. Parents are contacted if the services of a physician appear to be necessary.

Re-Admission After Absence

  • Students must be re-admitted through the Health Office for the following: injuries involving crutches or sutures; contagious diseases (chicken pox, measles, pink eye, etc.); PE excuses. All students returning with casts, braces, sutures, or using crutches must have a physician’s note releasing them to return to school.
  • Communicable illness (strep throat, chicken pox, pink eye, mononucleosis, any unusual rash, head lice, scabies, or other illnesses) must be reported to the Health Office even if the student has been treated and presents no symptoms.

Physical Education (PE) Excuses

  • The Health Office distributes PE excuses to appropriate staff via email notification. A parent’s note will be adequate for up to one day. A physician’s note is required if an excuse is needed for more than one day.

Administration of Medication

  • All prescription medications to be taken during the school day must be brought to the Health Office (HO), and administered by the school nurse or another designated adult. All prescriptions must have a physician's written order as well as a parent's written permission to be taken at school.
  • If a parent desires their student to self-carry a prescription medication, the must do the following:

Contact the HO for approval paperwork, obtain private medical doctors’ approval, and a parental approval by signature. Once paperwork is submitted to HO, the appropriate school principal must approve, and then the student will be called into the HO to review self-carry rules with the school nurse.

Any student who is found to be sharing, or using medication inappropriately will be called into the school office, or health office, parents will be notified, and they will have the privilege of self-carry revoked.

  • All over-the-counter medicines, administered by the HO, must have parent approval.
  • For parental pre-approval of medication administration, please complete the form on this page entitled “Medication Authorization” – complete, sign and return to the health office.


  • If your student has severe allergies to any food or substances, the school must have a doctor’s written emergency plan on file in the health office, along with medication ordered, such as Benadryl and/or Epi-Pen.

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