Frequently Asked Questions

Can my student have more than one stop?

  • Students can have as many regular stops as necessary to meet your transportation needs. However, younger students with several “swap” stops can be confused by which stop they should be going, making it especially important for you to use the tagging system correctly.

Who can pick up my student from the bus stop?

  • Anyone you designate on your Transportation Registration form may pick up your student. You may also authorize your student to walk from the bus stop alone. Unless otherwise instructed, only a student’s parents or legal guardian may pick up a student. Please note: The people you designate on your Transportation Registration form have nothing to do with the people you assign from Child Care. The lists are totally separate.

My student doesn’t usually ride the bus but wants to ride home with a friend who does. Is that ok?

  • Students may go home with a friend as long as we have your written permission. Notes may be turned in the day before, in the morning or up to the end of lunch on the day the student needs to ride. We cannot sell tickets or take care of notes after 2:30 pm. Students not riding the route bus monthly will need to purchase a ticket.

What time do the buses leave in the afternoon?

  • All route buses leave at 3:15 pm. Buses will be available for loading at 3:00 pm. Students should be on the bus no later than 3:14 pm. Students will not be permitted into the loading area after 3:15 even if the buses are still there. Students not on the bus by 3:15 pm have missed the bus. Elementary students and Middle School students who have missed the bus will be directed to Child Care.

What time should I be at the bus stop?

  • In the morning and the afternoon, you should be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the time printed on the route sheet. The printed time is the time the bus is scheduled to leave the stop.

Where should my child be waiting in the morning?

  • Your child should be outside the car, waiting for the bus approximately 12 feet from the curb, 5 minutes before the stop time. Your child should be standing still and not move towards the bus until they get a signal from the driver to come. If your child is still in the car when the bus gets there (eating their breakfast, getting their hair brushed, etc.) and is not ready to go, it has a domino affect causing the bus to be late to the stops after yours. In the event of rain, we don’t expect your student to wait in the rain. They should stay in the car but be ready to get out quickly when the bus arrives.

Are the school buses safe?

  • School buses are one of the safest forms of transportation available. Each of our school buses is inspected by our drivers daily, by our on campus mechanic every 45 days or 3,000 miles and by the California Highway Patrol once every year. More information about School Buses can be found at

Do you have a web page?

  • The Transportation Department’s web page can be reached from the school web site at and clicking on the Transportation link found under the “Current Families” tab. The latest stop list and bus information are on our web page.

Do you have an email address?

  • The Transportation Department can be emailed at Same day changes must be received by 2:30 pm to be processed. We also have an answering machine to leave your message on.

How come no one is there to answer the phone after 2:30 pm?

  • At 2:30 pm, we leave the office to go to the buses and prepare for the kids to come out. We are out with the buses until approximately 3:45 pm and are in the office then until 5:00 pm.

How long is the 10 Ride Bus Pass good?

  • The 10 Ride Bus Pass is good through your child’s life here at Village Christian Schools. We do not give refunds for the unused rides. What happens if my child loses his 10 Ride Buss Pass? Call us or come in and we’ll work with you. We try not to let the kids know that! We want them to be responsible.

When should I fill out the Transportation Request form and how do I turn it in?

  • You can fill out the Transportation Request form anytime during the year. You can mail it to school, fax it, send it in with your student or bring it in yourself to the Transportation Office located in the High School Library building right next to the buses.

How soon after turning in the Transportation Request form can my student start riding the bus?

  • If the Transportation Request form is in before 2:30 pm, your student can start the same day. Be advised that if you are signing your student as a monthly rider, we can only begin charges for monthly at the first of any month. You will need to pay per ride if you begin in the middle of the month or pay for the full month, whichever is less.

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