Department of Spiritual Formation and Biblical Studies

The Biblical Studies Department at Village Christian School exists to invite students into God’s word and transformational love as we create a balance between spiritual development and applying academic rigor to the study of God's word. Students will learn how to make and maintain meaningful God-centered relationships, cultivate skills for biblical interpretation and application, and formulate a biblical lens through which to engage life and culture.

Our professionally trained Biblical Studies Faculty work to design curriculum and experiences that invite students to consider, respond to, and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We do so with sensitivity in light of the religious diversity in our student population, but also with prayerful intention and confidence in the truth and revelation found in God’s Word.

What we cover PK-12th Grade:

  1. Biblical Literacy - Knowledge and understanding of the Bible as the primary source for the Christian faith. This includes the complete biblical narrative from the Old and New Testament.

  2. Interpretive Method - A system of study used to properly observe, interpret and apply scripture.

    • Observation - Reading the biblical text carefully, observing all of its literary details.

    • Interpretation - Discerning the meaning of the biblical text according to its historical and literary context.

    • Application - Creating and implementing practical applications of the biblical text for a contemporary Christian context.

  3. Spiritual Disciplines - Spiritual disciplines are practices that call a person to move beyond surface living and into the depths. (Hebrews 12:11-12) We center our disciplines around Richard Foster’s list of spiritual disciplines.

  4. Terms & Theology (Systematic Theology) - Topical understanding of the bible in an orderly, coherent and rational arrangement of Christian doctrine/beliefs, e.g. Triune God, sacraments, salvation, etc..

  5. Biblical Relationships - The biblical understanding of interpersonal dynamics between God and humanity, as well as, the interaction between humans. Interpersonal skills related to God’s heart for community, i.e. problem solving, active listening, verbal/nonverbal cues,

Click Here for an extended look at what we cover from our Vertical Alignment of Core Knowledge, Skills and Experiences and Goals of Elementary Bible Curriculum

Middle School Biblical Studies Faculty

High School Biblical Studies Faculty

Elementary Grade Level Focus

Jr. Kindergarten/Kindergarten
Students learn Old and New Testament biblical accounts through a variety of media. Character traits are associated with the biblical content, and application to age appropriate life situations is discussed. Verses are memorized each week.

First Grade
Students explore select biblical accounts from the Old and New Testaments. Emphasis is on the “Big Idea” which can be taken from each account. Big ideas are generated by the teacher in the first quarter and by student discussion thereafter. The character of God is a point of focus for first grade. Memory verses correlate with content being studied.

Second Grade
Students study the life of Christ through the gospel. Focus is on prophecies regarding Jesus; His life, teachings, and miracles, death and resurrection, the Great Commission, and the Holy Spirit. The plan of salvation is explained through the Heart Family Booklet. Longer scripture passages are broken down and memorized. Students keep a Bible journal and record what they have learned.

Third Grade
Students learn the books of the Bible and the divisions (genre) of Scripture. Emphasis is on the Old Testament accounts. Bible verses are memorized weekly. Students develop life applications using a framework of questions. Students learn how to share the plan of salvation.

Fourth Grade
Students study the life of Paul, and do a concentrated study of the book of Philippians. Focus of memory verses is on “Who I am in Christ.” Students develop life applications related to identity in Christ.

Fifth Grade
Students do an in depth study of the book of Matthew from a devotional and “academic” perspective. Student discussion is a primary instructional method. Verses and longer passages are memorized and students are encouraged to apply what they are learning to daily life situations and relationships.

For more information, contact:
Mr. George Ratchford
Spiritual Life Director

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